Call Center Services

104 Virtual is an enterprise class solution that delivers benefits that normally a highly expensive solution would have.

104 Virtual is one stop for all call center services and outsourcing solutions. Our state of the art call center can provide live operator, live chat, lead generation support and web based support. 104 Virtual is recognized within the call center industry, clients, as the benchmark in providing the highest level of quality in customer service. Being the leader in the industry and having vast experience in the call center industry, 104 Virtual Call Center has been there for businesses, professionals and organizations. Regardless of the size of your company or your call center service needs, a unique, one of a kind program will be designed just for you.

104 Virtual is the only outsourcing choice that your company should turn to. We deliver highly trained staff and cutting edge technology to all of clients, as well to our client's customers. We offer each client a custom call center service designed with you in mind. 

Our services include inbound and outbound telemarketing, toll free services, live web chat, help desk, email response services, email marketing, appointment scheduling, virtual receptionist, cold calling and general call center services. Below is a list of the call center services we offer:


Click To Talk: A module is placed on your web site where customers enter their telephone number and a call center agent contacts them.

Customer Acquisition: Programs for customer acquisition including lead qualification, lead generation, workflow management, and customer follow-up.

Customer Followup: Following up with customers after a sale and during the live of the customer to good customer service relationships.

Direct Response: Call center agents managing telephone calls from your direct response marketing program including taking orders, setting up appointments, and fulfillment service.

Email Response: Respond to customers emails quickly to provide customer service and help facilitate the sales process.

Emergency Response: Operators answering and dispatching emergency calls as well as an overflow call center in case of emergency situation.

Help Desk Outsourcing: Outsourcing help desk requirements for software companies as well as many other industries and products.

IVR Service: Interactive Voice Response services. Caller uses a touch tone telephone to interact with a database that the call center sets up.

Lead Capture: Lead capture with live telephone answering.

Lead Generation Service: Programs to generate business leads focusing on outbound telemarketing.

Live Web Chat: A module is placed on your web site where the web site visitor can interact with a call center agent.

Order Taking Service: Call center is able to take orders from the caller and input them directly into your web site or provide an order form if you do not have one.

Outbound Telemarketing Services: Description of our outbound telemarketing services.

Up Sell / Cross Sell: Operators sell other products to new customers and existing customers while they are on the telephone line.


Regardless of how simple or complex you companies' needs are, our call center services can streamline the exact fit to all of your call center needs. By placing the value the customer, we become a valuable and necessary option for all of your call center needs. Our staff is fully trained in all facets of the call center business. Our team is focused on sales and growth as well as retention and customer care. Our group of call center agents is the envy of the industry. MPC Call Center treat your customers and potential customers with the same professionalism and courtesy as you would expect from your staff.


Inbound services

Customer service is the backbone to the success of every business. 104 Virtual knows what makes a great inbound call center service. The key to successful inbound service is having customer service representatives who really understand your product or service. 104 Virtual recruits, hires, trains, and manages these professionals for you who have the natural skills to deliver exceptional customer care while generating more revenue for your business.

All our call center representatives have undergone a training which covers familiarization with the client’s systems and processes, accent neutralization, and audio or video-based exposure to the job and the environment they are working. Whether it is telesales, customer service, order taking, issue resolution, billing inquiry, or customer care, our inbound call center services are seamless and transparent to your customers as an extension of your company. We enable you to augment your customer care expertise, so you can focus on critical activities and enjoy significant cost savings. Some of our inbound call center services available 24/7 include:

Customer Service Outsourcing

Discover how OnBrand24's Advanced Agent Model will help keep your customers happy and their issues resolved efficiently.

Help Desk

Best-In-Class Help Desk Solutions for basic troubleshooting, password resets, and basic maintenance by Help Desk professionals

Order Processing

PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification is just one reason why Order Processing with OnBrand24 as your partner helps increase business and security.


Sandler Sales trained representatives help push the needle on your average order size.


Outbound services

We help our clients improve their sales conversions and reduce cost of sale by using our proven lead nurturing and qualifying process to assure that their active leads on their lead lists convert. The digital era has presented new challenges for lead qualification. A business could gather great leads using online resources such as opt-in forms. A call center plays a crucial role and verifies the leads and nurtures them by adding the responsiveness of the human voice and active listening.

104 Virtual Lead Qualification Call Center

We qualify your lead lists using our state-of-the-art lead qualification call center. Our competitively-priced services help your business to send only the most qualified leads to your sales team. Hence, your sales division would enjoy highly qualified, vetted and nurtured leads that convert to sales.

The Human Voice Solution

A high quality lead list requires call center lead qualification. Since leads lists are generally gathered by data mining and lead list providers, they often contain a number of inactive leads or uninterested leads. Even prequalified leads should be verified to assure a higher conversion ratio.

Our formula for lead verification:

Contact + Active Listening + Rapport + Problem Resolution = Highest Conversion Ratio.

Why Use Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. Buyer requests information about their desired products or services from several businesses and the seller is given the opportunity to pitch their products or services to the buyer. Your conversion rates involving such warm leads would be higher than the higher conversion involving cold contacts because the lead is warm and we prequalify your warm lead.

Reducing Cost per Sale
When using lead lists to generate sales, your business would account for the cost of each sale. Our lead qualification call centerhelps to verify all active leads before they reach your sales team to assure the highest percentage of sales and to reduce the cost of sale for your business.



104 Virtual has developed a state of the art call center dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of order taking service and chat support. We are aware an unusually high amount of consumers do not feel comfortable placing an order on the computer over the internet. These customers demand to speak to a live person to place an order. At 104 Virtual , we have the capability to answer your telephone calls 24/7/365 and we can handle inbound call traffic in tremendous volume. If you are selling a single product or a large catalog with multiple products, you need an order taking service that can perform and is customizable and scalable enough to handle your needs.

104 Virtual order taking service and chat support will help your customers place their orders from your directly onto web site. If you don't have a web site, we can develop a custom order form for you, or even help you design your very own e-commerce web site. We do this so that you can gain the confidence (and the business) of the customer who needs to speak with a live operator instead of just ordering on the internet. In addition, our live operator service can maximize each and every call, through our cross sell and up sell call center. From high call volumes to diverse product catalogs, we are able to assist your business get the most from every telephone call.

With our unique inbound telephone order taking service, 104 Virtual will process whatever product or service you are selling. Our operator will receive a phone call from your potential customer. We then take steps to place an order for a product or service, any time of day or night via the telephone. These calls are usually taken through your existing toll free number or one that we can supply to you. Our agents are able to enter orders through your web site or an interface we create to help streamline your order processing. And, in addition to processing orders, we are able to answer any questions your callers may have about your products. With your guidance through the setup process, we setup an extensive frequently asked questions database in addition to learning information about your product catalog to become a full service order taking service.

Our order taking service has become a major part of what do. The industry has grown tremendously. In almost every instance when someone orders a product advertised on television, or radio you reach an order taker when you call the toll-free number. There are too many advantages to using this service to list, but the obvious advantage is an increase in sales. When your commercial, infomercial airs or a customer visits your web site or catalog and wants to purchase your product, a phone call is usually the customer's preferred method for contacting you.



The core purpose behind the establishment of call centers by the organizations is to retain its most valuable asset i.e. its customers. Besides retaining customers by applying the best of their customer service knowledge and skills, this also becomes the responsibility of call center representatives to transform a simple enquiry into potential customer and creating customer loyalty for the organization. 104 Virtual is providing the training keeping in mind the basic motives of call centers to include all aspects and areas of which a call center representative should have knowledge to develop those soft skills in oneself. The training will prove to be a comprehensive course inculcating a range of soft skills which will not only help the candidates in securing and performing better in call center representative positions but growing in all customer service and marketing positions.



Our 104 Virtual experts act as an extension of your team to listen and evaluate – and to provide actual, actionable feedback that will ensure compliance and quality that meets and exceeds your requirements.  The combination of evaluating calls, documenting the call results/scores on key elements, following an escalation process for deficient calls, and conducting calibration/coaching sessions with call center management teams ensures maximum return on investment for each client.  In other words, our call monitoring team ensures that the quality call center monitoring program contributes to the overall success of each client (not just checking off a compliance scorecard).