Real State Solutions

  • Transaction Coordinator

    Real Estate Brokerage Transaction Coordinator Virtual Assistant


    To seamlessly manage & monitor all transaction documents and contract-to-close procedures so you can focus on growing your business & closing more deals.

    How It Works:

    A Transaction Coordinator (or “TC”) is a specially trained real estate virtual assistant who is 100% dedicated to managing the transactional portion of your real estate business. This includes tasks like:

    Gathering important signatures

    Keeping track of critical documents

    Managing your transaction software (Paperless Pipeline, EZ Coordinator, Reesio, etc.)

    Interfacing with title, escrow, and property management companies

    Scheduling & confirming inspections

    Working with you to track down missing docs

    Final transaction audits

    Your Transaction Coordinator Virtual Assistant is there with you from the moment your contract’s getting signed, till the moment escrow closes & your commission clears. The Transaction Coordinator’s goal is to make sure everything moves smoothly from contract to close so you can focus on attracting & closing more deals. This means they’ll not only follow your procedures religiously, they’ll also work closely with you to become a seamlessly integrated part of your systems.

  • Real Estate List Building

    Real Estate Lead List Research – Real Estate Mailing Lists – Telemarketing Lists


    To build lists of potential clients, potential investment properties, property owner information, high-net worth individuals, businesses that meet certain criteria, or any other pertinent information you may need for your lead generation & advertising efforts.

    How It Works:

    We are already members of many of the most popular & extensive data brokerage services, so we have immediate access to Lead List data and contact information for a huge database of businesses & consumers.

    We are also familiar with accessing many county & city records websites to compile information from public records, as well as appending additional contact information based on names & addresses.

    Ultimately, the biggest crux of the list building process is your ability to clearly define the criteria for the list that will fulfill your needs. One of the best ways to define a good lead list for your virtual assistants to fulfill is to replicate the defining details of your existing clients, and / or the ideal clients you desire.

    Once you can define your list, and if necessary, help train your virtual assistants to any specialized tasks they’ll need to understand to compile it… we can be your automated list building back-office with little to no additional input required from you.

  • Data Entry Virtual Assistants

    Real Estate Data Entry Assistants – Data Entry Administrative Assistant


    To streamline your repetitive data entry & record keeping process to reduce overhead and improve local staff output by freeing their time to focus on tasks only they can complete.

    How It Works:

    Regardless of exactly what you & your business do … if you are working in the real estate industry you probably deal with a lot of documentation, paperwork, note taking, data entry, filing, and record keeping. While much of that requires your physical presence, and therefore cannot be outsourced, it is likely that up to 80% of your local data entry & record keeping can be outsourced to a much lower cost virtual assistant.

    By outsourcing your data entry & record keeping tasks one by one, you can slowly determine the threshhold of moving activities off-site … optimizing for the greatest savings without sacrificing output quality. We always maintain industry-standard data security to ensure your privacy, and can utilize any software systems you currently use in your data management operations.

  • Real Estate Email Marketing

    Real Estate Email Marketing Services – Email Marketing For Real Estate


    To nurture warm inbound leads, and help find buyers & sellers for your properties by communicating with your existing relationships as well as broadcasting emails to existing real estate email marketing lists who have expressed interest in hearing from other brokers, investors, buyers, sellers, etc.

    How It Works:

    Depending on your focus, real estate email marketing has two main approaches.

    The first entails using your own existing email list, which you have gathered via opt-in forms on your website(s), over the phone communication, and in-person interaction. We can centralize all the email contact information you have available for existing & past clients, sales leads, and industry contacts, then help you write & schedule broadcasted messages to nurture these relationships on auto-pilot.

    The second entails taking your existing deals (for sale properties, clients’ listings, etc) and broadcast them to a variety of real estate email marketing list services, who already have huge pre-built lists of brokers, agents, property managers, and investors who have expressed an interest in hearing about properties for sale or other real estate opportunities. This can help you get new contacts, as well as close sales faster, by keeping your listings in front of the widest variety of interested parties.

  • Real Estate Social Media Marketing


    To generate warm inbound leads and establish a broad search engine presence as a local market expert using a strategic combination of social networking, blogging, article syndication, and / or social bookmarking sites.

    How It Works:

    When it comes to social media, we can manage marketing campaigns from start to finish – or simply fill in the gaps you prefer to outsource.

    Plus, we are always learning new strategies by working with real estate companies all around the world, meaning we can probably help plan & implement a campaign even if you’re not sure where to start.

    The most important component in your social media activities is quality content. This is what will help attract quality traffic to your sales funnels, and help you & your company build an online presence as a local market expert. If this sounds like too much writing for you & your staff to keep up with, remember that all our copywriters are US-based, native English speaking, college graduates.

  • Real Estate Telemarketing Services: US-based & Overseas Telemarketers

    Every Real Estate Business Lives & Dies on Lead Generation

    Your business thrives (or dies) based on your Real Estate Lead Generation ability. Real Estate Telemarketing is a major component of that.

    No leads = no one to sell to = no money = you’re on your way to the poor house.

    So how can you generate new real estate business quickly?

    104 Virtual Real Estate Telemarketing Services are one of the fastest ways to start generating Leads.

    For some Campaigns, we can have a trained Telemarketer on a proven Script generating leads for you within 1 – 2 business days!

    The Biggest Problems With Real Estate Telemarketing…

    While Real Estate Telemarketing is one of the fastest methods to generate new leads…

    … To see the most growth in your real estate income, you need a constant flow of Real Estate Buyer and Real Estate Seller Leads.

    If you don’t beat your competition to those Buyers & Sellers, you lost the race before it began.

    Worse yet, the Real Estate Sales Cycle can range from 6 – 24+ months, from first inquiry to final closing, and you need to stay in front of those Buyers & Sellers for the duration.

    Real Estate Telemarketing can definitely funnel leads into your pipeline, but…

    No matter how you slice it, Real Estate Lead Generation is a marathon and not a sprint.

    You need to focus on doing what you do best, like:

    • Getting new listings,
    • Marketing properties,
    • Showings & Open Houses,
    • Managing your Team (if you have one),
    • In-person meetings & presentations, and
    • actual Closings — when you get paid!

    On the other hand …

    … successfully running a Telemarketing campaign requires attention-to-detail on technical components like:

    • Getting quality Telemarketing Lists with accurate Phone Contact Info,
    • Building and refining an effective Telemarketing Script (including strong Rebuttals & FAQs),
    • Setting up an efficient Dialer system,
    • Hiring & managing your Telemarketer(s),
    • Creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for entering & tracking leads,
    • Implementing bi-weekly or weekly training calls with your Telemarketer(s),
    • And more!

    If you read that list and started thinking that managing a Real Estate Telemarketing campaign sounds a bit like another full-time job… you’d be correct!

    104 Virtual has multiple full-time Managers overseeing our many full-time Telemarketing Virtual Assistants.

    Do you really want to take on another full-time job, just so you can micro-manage your own Telemarketing campaign?

    Can you afford to drop the ball on doing what you do best, just to learn how to set-up your own Call Center?

    104 Virtual offers another, easier, Done-For-You option:

    Providing Overseas Telemarketers, in a fully managed solution to launch, oversee, and manage your ongoing Telemarketing Campaigns…

    … We make it so that all you have to do is pay the bill & collect your leads.

  • Real Estate Lead Management

    Real Estate Lead Nurturing & Follow-up – Lead Management Virtual Assistant


    To automate your processes for lead follow-up, lead database management, and lead conversion optimization so that you consistently convert a higher percentage of your quality leads with little to no manual effort on your part.

    How It Works:

    In your real estate lead generation process, capturing a lead via an inbound call, website opt-in, social media interaction, email, or direct mail is only the beginning. For brokers & agents, you will often be looking at up to 24 months before that lead becomes a paying client. If your processes can’t endure that long-term follow-up, you’ll lose track of these leads and likely lose them to competition.

    Our real estate lead management virtual assistants will help you to be sure that you can stay in touch, and stay engaged with your new leads in as efficient & automated a fashion as possible. Some of the tasks your lead management virtual assistant might help with include things like:

    Entering leads into your CRM.

    Creating lead follow-up schedules.

    Manually staying in touch with leads via email and/or phone.

    Integrating lead generation platforms & services (like Zillow, Trulia, MarketLeader, RealGeeks, BoomTown, and more).

    Lead qualification & appointment setting

    Lead list segmentation, data appending, and cleaning

    Your lead management virtual assistant is dedicated to assisting in your lead capture & lead nurturing / lead follow-up procedures to ensure everything is running smoothly, and in as automated a fashion as is possible. They are available for any tasks necessary to ensure you convert more leads without more effort.

  • Inbound Call Receiving, Routing, And Reporting


    To handle all incoming calls, including up to 24×7 inbound call answering services, with comprehensive call reporting (including call recordings, call statistics, and ongoing feedback & optimization).

    How It Works:

    This is basically the same as having your local inbound call center or receptionist(s). We can manage any type of call receiving, from general inbound inquiries, to inbound sales leads, to customer service & support. If you are a property manager looking for a call receiving & dispatch center, we even have a specialized service devoted specifically to your needs.

    Regardless of your situation, the first step is to determine the best way to integrate outsourced virtual assistants into your call handling processes. We can work any hours you require, and depending on your own phone systems, we can even live-transfer calls directly to you as if we were sitting in the office. We can provide call center veterans, skilled in salesmanship or customer service – depending on your requirements.

    That said, there are obviously certain types of inbound calls that are more appropriate to answer in-house, locally, if at all possible. We can work with you to determine the best combination of outsourced call receiving & in-house, local call routing. Plus, we can even help train your dedicated virtual assistant(s) and develop scripts for common call types.

  • Virtual Personal Assistant Services


    To do any- and everything your personal assistant would do (as long as it doesn’t require their physical presence) … for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone locally.

    How It Works:

    If you need a virtual personal assistant, the set-up process can give you pretty much carte blanche. Obviously, we’ll provide as much training & set-up assistance as you desire … but ultimately you can also feel free to take direct, personal control over the training and task assignments for your virtual personal assistant.

    You will be paired with one dedicated worker (up to full-time, at which point obviously we’ll add another virtual assistant if required). Your assistant will be with you day after day, learning any tasks & procedures you need them to understand. If your rapport isn’t good, we’ll happily provide a different assistant until you feel you’ve found your perfect match.

    When it comes right down to it, the day to day activities of your virtual personal assistant are really only limited by your imagination (and the fact that they are on the other side of the world). They do have excellent internet & phone access, including unlimited calling to all US-numbers, and a local US-number you can dial to reach them directly.

    Basically, your virtual personal assistant can do anything your on-site personal assistant might do, aside from going down to the store to pick up some lunch (though we are happy to order delivery!).