Email Marketing

104 Virtual provide high quality Email Marketing Service.

We cover complete requirements for your email marketing campaign from email flyer designing to final bulk delivery with best inbox rate. In today’s era, email is the biggest medium of official correspondence as well as professional communication between businesses. Email marketing service is playing one of the biggest and effective role in business promotion and marketing. Here are ten good reason how email marketing will help you generate more business

1. Cost Effective

Sending email costs a fraction of direct mail or print advertising. This means you can reach more customers, more often, using the same budget. What’s more you don’t need to compromise on quality. A well designed HTML template will make your email look just as professional as any offline communication.

2. Immediate

It’s all in the timing. When you send direct marketing in the post it could take days or weeks to arrive. With email you know it’s there almost as soon as it’s sent. So the next time you launch a new product or special offer, your customers can have all the details the minute you want them to, creating maximum impact.


3. Flexible

No need to worry about print volumes or lead times. With direct mail the medium can sometimes get in the way of the message. With email you can send different executions to each customer segment, campaigns can be created from scratch in days and you can make changes right up to the last minute.


4. Personal

Messages as individual as your customers. Email lets you communicate with thousands of people on a one to one basis. As well as addressing each recipient by name, you could customise the message according to their previous purchases, or have it come from their local sales office for that personal touch.


5. Interactive

Grab their attention and don’t let go. Getting someone to notice you is often only half the challenge, what matters is converting that interest into hard sales. By putting links in your message that go straight to the relevant pages on your website your customers are one click away from making their next purchase.


6. Responsive

See what’s happening in real time. With advertising or direct mail it can be hard to know who’s got the message, never mind who’s interested. With email you know who’s read it, when, how many times, and even which links they clicked. So now you can follow up those hot leads in an instant.


7. Measurable

Maximize the return on your spend. With comprehensive reporting it’s easy to see what works. This means you can test and refine multiple concepts on a sample of customers, before unleashing the best performers on the rest of your mailing list. With direct mail that could take weeks, with email it could take minutes.


8. Versatile

An ideal solution, whatever your message. Want to generate sales? Build loyalty? Increase awareness? Learn more about your customers? From sales promotions and special offers, to newsletters and online polls, whatever you want to say email can help you get closer to your customers.


9. Easy to Share

Let customers spread the word. How many times have you forwarded an email to a friend or colleague because it may be of interest to them too? Now think how many times have you ever sent a direct mail pack you received in the post on to someone else? With email it’s easy to share the good news.


10. Environmentally Friendly

Email won’t cost the earth. Using email could not only save you money, but also help protect the environment too. Sending direct mail uses up valuable natural resources, both in terms of production and delivery. Sending your message by email saves paper and reduces the use of fossil fuels.